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CA Live API Creator v5.0 GA

By Bill Oakes, CISSP posted 08-29-2018 02:15 PM


"The new phone book's here!  The new phone book's here!" 


Ok....perhaps I'm dating myself with the above quote (Steve Martin's "The Jerk") - but that's really what it feels like.  CA Live API Creator v5.0 is now GA!    This is a pretty cool release, with updates for for DevOps, teams, databases, and interfaces.  Let's get right down to it.


  • Simplified DevOps and team development: Enhancements that enable Live API Creator
    • to store API metadata in a file based admin repository, also leading the product to a DB less architecture
    • to integrate API data with source control systems easing team collaboration
    • to seamlessly migrate API data across dev/QA/prod environments
  • Extensible data source framework: A framework that enables creating a data source connector for SQL or NoSQL
  • databases that Live API Creator does not connect to out of the box.
  • MongoDB data source provider: A connector for MongoDB data source
  • HTTP-based authentication provider: Ability to authenticate your API requests by way of a third-party authentication provider integrated with Live API Creator via HTTP.
  • Data Explorer enhancements: The enhancements make the Data Explorer interface more configurable. These include the ability to set the maximum number of columns to display data in the Form, the ability to start it in insert mode, and security enhancements.
  • User experience enhancements:
    • Simplified integration with CA API Gateway using the HTTP authentication provider
    • External Logging Enhancements
    • Learning Center Updates
  • And much more…

For more information about the new feature set, see the Release Notes.


I also invite you to attend a replay of our webinar titled: Enterprise Class APIs for Digital Business Speed and Agility, where the presenters actually built a working system from scratch in 20 minutes, as well gave a peek at the brand new CA Live API Creator v5.0.


If you can't wait to get started, visit our Trials page to download your CA Live API Creator trial today!