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Community Update October 2014 - Free tools, Product Surveys, CA World, Tech Event, Ideas

By Michiel Helder posted 10-14-2014 04:11 AM


IM Community update

October 2014


This is the October 2014 IM Community update. These updates include a summary of the topics we discuss during our monthly board meetings which takes place every 2nd Wednesday of the month with the Product Managers for the IM products and other CA employees relevant for our community.  You can find all the board members listed on the page More about the IM Community Board Members.



Our webcasts schedule is for every 3rd Tuesday of the month.

Currently planned webcasts are:

  • October 21: CA World preview, IM Idea review
  • November 18: CA World recap/roadmap (Kathy and team)
  • December 16: Qualcomm - CA eHealth Best Practices (suggested)
  • January 20
  • February 17
  • March 17
  • April 21
  • May 19
  • June 16


Unfortunately the scheduled topic for the October webcast about eHealth Best Practices had to be postponed. Instead a CA World preview will be presented, we will go over the process behind evaluation of the Ideas which are posted in the online community and several Ideas from the IM community will be reviewed.

Feel free to contact us if you have a suggestion or request for a topic. We are also always looking for people who are willing to present on how they use the IM products.


Free tools and scripts

The first free tools and scripts have been posted in the IM Community. Many of these tools have been developed by CA engineers as part of their work in the field and can be useful to all users of the IM products. We expect these to be the first of several useful tools which will be posted in the coming weeks by CA. All content will be tagged with the tags "tools", "scripts" and "freebies" so you can easily recognize and search for them. Of course anyone in the community is free to use these tags and post any tools or scripts of their own for use by the IM community members.


These tools are provided as-is for use at your own risk without official support from CA. If you have any comments or questions about them, you can post them as a comment to the document and the author will do their best to help you. Read more here: Free IM tools and scripts.


IM Product Surveys: Let your voice be heard!

After the Spectrum survey, which started late August and will be closed soon, the CA Infrastructure Management team has now launched 4 additional surveys to get your feedback about the CA IM products you use:

Your candid feedback is important to us and will help the CA Technologies Executive Management Team understand what is or isn't working. The CA Infrastructure Management leadership team will also use the survey results to create action plans designed to further improve the overall experience and value you receive from your investment with us. The survey should only take a few minutes to complete.


This is a great opportunity to let your voice be heard and help determine the future of the CA IM product portfolio.

CA World ‘14

CA World ’14 will be soon and we are happy to say it will be full of interesting content for Infrastructure Management again. This year the content for IM can be found in the Opscenter section at CA World. A program guide for the Opscenter at CA World is available here: http://www.ca.com/~/media/Files/lpg/ca-world-14/ca-program-guide-opscenter.pdf. Rachel Macik has also created a very nice presentation to show what CA World could look like if you are a Spectrum user. It can be found in Rachel’s blog here: CA World for Spectrum Users


We are also happy to announce that all the IM Community board members (More about the IM Community Board Members) will be at CA World again. Although there currently is no community session or social gathering for the community scheduled, we look forward to meet many of the community members there and feel free to contact one of us if you would like to set up a meeting.


Finally, for registered community members there is still a $200 discount if you register using the link here: The specified item was not found.


Technical Events

We are looking into options to organize a more technical event for the IM products sometime next year. At the moment our focus is on CA World, but we will start discussing this in more detail at CA World or shortly afterwards. If you are interested in such an event we would greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions, either by commenting on this post or reaching out directly to one of the community board members (listed here: More about the IM Community Board Members). To get  things started we have set up a poll to see how many community members would be interesting in attending such an event: Would you be interested in a technical IM event?.


Ideas and Enhancement Requests

Based on feedback we have provided, the CA communities team has decided to introduce a new “Wish-Listed” status for Ideas. This status has been introduced to show that the Ideas have been looked at by the Product Management team, but they are not ready to make a decision on it yet. Previously an Idea would stay on “New” for a long time to allow it to gather votes since the other statuses would close the Idea for new votes. This gave the impression that nobody was looking at the Ideas while in fact they were constantly being reviewed. If you want to know more about the evaluation process for Ideas or have any questions about it, be sure to join our webcast this month where the process will be explained and some of the Ideas from the IM community will be reviewed: IM Webcast, CA World for IM Community Members + Ideation Review.


Community Surveys

Thanks to everyone who responded to our previous surveys. Your feedback is very valuable to us and helps us a lot in better representing the community.


Because CA currently has several product surveys open, we have decided not to do a community survey at this time.


If you haven’t taken one of our previous surveys yet, they are still available:


Thanks again to everyone for their responses.


If you have feedback or input based on the information shared here, please post to this thread of feel free to contact us directly by private message. You can find all the board members with links to their profiles on the  More about the IM Community Board Members page.



Michiel Helder
IM Community President