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Try Out CA Service Virtualization 9.0 for Free for 30-days

By Anon Anon posted 03-29-2016 11:12 PM


Software teams never have enough time. Our goal is to make the life of developers and testers easier so that you can spend more time playing video games and making fun of product managers. Service Virtualization (or SV) steps in to help give you back the time you need removing the system, data, 3rd party and parallel development constraints that plague us all.

Most of us on this community get this message loud and clear, but how can you share this amazing technology with your friends and colleagues? We have a solution for that... actually 3 solutions for that:


  1. Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 10.41.50 PM.png SV for Developers: If they're needing to virtualize REST services, give them the link to our site. Here they can sign up quickly with their GitHub account and start building out live virtual service in minutes. It's a great way to teach the concepts of Service Virtualization while not having to install anything or commit to a contract.
  2. SV on Demand: Try out the full CA Service Virtualization 9.0 product for free for 30-days on the Microsoft Azure platform. Newbies can use their Azure credits to pay the platform costs while enjoying their 30-day trial period of CA Service Virtualization. A few simple clicks and they will have the full product up and running from a DevTest Portal to a full Virtual Service Environment on a single virtual machine. After the 30-days, they can continue to work on the VM for $6.85 per hour or decide to move forward to the next step. CA Service Virtualization On Demand on Microsoft Azure Marketplace
  3. Bring Your Own License of SV: If your company has already purchased licenses of CA Service Virtualization but you or a colleague want an easy way to deploy the latest release to Azure, we have the solution for you. CA Service Virtualization 9.0 BYO License is now available for you to deploy on demand on the Azure Marketplace. You'll only pay the Azure platform (networking/hardware) charges and the CA Service Virtualization solution will just take your existing SV license and give you full access to the software as you have it today, just in an easily deployed model. CA Service Virtualization On Demand on Microsoft Azure Marketplace BYOL


We've found many of our existing customers using these options to help in training, sharing the tool before hardware or a full deployment is ready, testing out new features in the latest releases or with the BYOL model - to host their entire solution in the cloud. Let us know if you have used any of the options above and what you thought of the solutions. Also, we have a bit of voting going on for our next trial offering. Please share your feedback on this poll:

Where would you like us to offer a 30-day free trial?