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CA Release Automation v6.1 now available!

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General Availability Internal Product Announcement


Product: CA Release Automation


Effective: Friday, April 8, 2016


We are pleased to announce the availability of CA Release Automation 6.1


What’s New:


CA Release Automation


CA Release Automation contains all accumulative versions on top of Release Automation 6.0 and contain the following new capabilities and improvements:


New Certifications and Platform Support

  • Microsoft SQL 2014 databases
  • Oracle Linux 6.6 for server and agent installation
  • JAVA 8 Support for RA tiers


Shared Components Enhancements

  • Supporting export and import shared components between different systems to improve collaboration between different teams. The imported shared component contains all the revisions that are created before the export.
  • Shared components are no longer duplicated when importing into another system that already contains the shared component. Only shared components or revisions that do not exist are imported.


String Parameter Character Length Increased to support larger amount of data stored in parameters


Delete Application Enhancements

  • Delete an application is done in a single transaction. The application is no longer archived in the database.


CA Release Automation Continuous Delivery Edition


CA Release Automation Continuous Delivery Edition augments core CA Release Automation deployment capabilities with advanced capabilities to help you manage a complex and maturing continuous delivery pipeline.

As part of the CA Release Automation solution set, CA Release Automation CD Edition offers an easily configurable, visual, strategic, control point for managing, orchestrating, and optimizing the continuous delivery pipeline. Its benefits include the following:

  • Efficiently design and release multi-app, multi-team, composite applications from agile output through production—avoiding conflicts, driving collaboration and increasing visibility
  • Connect delivered content with business goals by tracking content such as user stories across the releases
  • Integrate with and orchestrate various tools that participate in your continuous delivery pipeline, enabling teams to leverage their preferred tool chains
  • Plan and execute releases using a flexible, visual interface that gives you complete control over your release cycle
  • Improve quality of processes, teams, and applications by defining and enforcing continuous delivery best practices


Release Automation Continuous Delivery Edition 6.1 contains the following new capabilities

  • LDAP Integration for importing groups and users managed in LDAP system
  • JIRA Plugin, allowing users to associate content defined in JIRA to releases
  • Test Endpoint Connection allowing administrators to test connection to remote endpoint before using it during release design. This can prevent connectivity errors, mainly due to wrong configuration


You can find more details on these features here




You can download the software from CA Support site


Suggestions for Future Enhancements to CA Release Automation?


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