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CA Mainframe Application Tuner enhancement available - DB2 Explain on-demand

By Petr.Klomfar posted 08-13-2018 12:08 PM


On behalf of the CA Mainframe Application Tuner development team, for CA MAT V12  you can now obtain DB2 Explain on-demand via our maintenance stream.  Please use following link: SO04801.


What is this feature:

  • DB2 Explain on-demand feature brings users most relevant and accurate DB2 Explain data for explainable SQL statements during time of an analysis of a measurement, allowing better tuning opportunity identification.
  • This feature also improves on security of existing EXPLAIN process in CA Mainframe Application Tuner, utilizing DB2 EXPLAIN Authority available from DB2 V10 onward.


NOTE: Security enhancement requires users to provide USERID (DB2EXPID parameter) with sufficient privileges in order to utilize this functionality. 



For more information about CA Mainframe Application Tuner V12, see the release notes in CA MAT V12 documentation or use following link to feature relevant technical content: DB2 EXPLAIN and DB2 EXPLAIN IMMEDIATE Functions



Thank you for choosing CA Mainframe Application Tuner to improve your application performance. Together with Product Manager Ekaterina Tumanova (  ), we are always interested in your thoughts and feedback . Feel free to contact us directly.


Petr Klomfar (  )

Product Owner of CA MAT