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CA Security Community: What You May Have Missed (JUN 20-26)

By kristen.palazzolo posted 06-27-2016 01:34 PM


News & Announcements

General Availability Announcement for CA Single Sign-On (formerly called CA SiteMinder) R12.52 SP2 CR1

CA Advanced Authentication Integration for Office 365

CA Viewpoint: Preparing for EU Payment Security Directive (PSD2) and How CA Can Help


Tech Tips & Support Docs

Latest Knowledge Base Articles published for CA Privileged Identity Manager (20-Jun-2016)

How to setup OneView Monitor for Siteminder/Single Sign-On 12.52 SP2

Tech Tip - CA Single Sign-On: Administrative UI installation failed because a required component failed to install

Latest Knowledge Base Articles for Single Sign-On (Formerly CA SiteMinder) [22/6/2016]

Tech Tip - CA Single Sign-On: request.getRemoteUser() returns null

Tech Tip - CA Identity Management and Governance Last week's Tech Docs

CA PAM VM requirements

Week 1 - Kill Chain.pptx



Federation: WAOP or SPS

Privileged Access Management: Breaking the Breach Kill Chain

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PIM password change

CA DLP - McAfee antivirus

CA APM - SNMP - CA SiteMinder

Access Role Search returning Empty while Creating a copy of Access Role

Getting Sm_AgentApi_Init Failed error in webserver log

PIM 12.9 or PAM 2.6

Install fresh r12.52 Policy Server and joining to a r12.0 existing environment

About SiteMinder Policy Server Audit


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CA Single Sign ON:

Single Resource Protected by Multiple Windows Authentication Schemes

AuthAz WebServices.

Blockchain & Identity Suite


New Ideas

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CA Single Sign-On

Need  AddUser("All") for Perl API

CA SSO - Options to activate/deactivate/delete multiple federation partnerships at a time

Request CA SiteMinder Agent Support for Ubuntu 14x and Apache 2.4x

Single SignOn AdminUI - Java Version update!!!!!!

CA Privileged Access Management

New GUI function to allow a user to STOP an autodiscovery search

Operational Admins role to have ability to auto-discover security roles with specified security permissions

CA PAM syslog to capture when users who start/stop/manipulate autodiscovery processes

RHEL 7.x for RedHat Enterprise Linux

CA Identity Suite

IDM Support for RHDS 10

Splunk-App for CA Identity Manager

Allow configurable action match type in PX

Guidance of protecting service during upgrade

CA Secure Cloud

Show CSV records count/numbers on Bulk Loader Task Approver Task

CA Data Protection

Remove inactive policies from iConsole policy search list

CA Data Protection Policy Changes Log Details


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You've Got Basic Identity Governance Working. Now What? [JUN 28]

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CA World '16


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