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Who moved my LISA?!

By Anon Anon posted 09-09-2014 11:06 AM


A series on the LISA name changes and what to expect at the launch of our next release.


She's had a long run, but it's time to go; the LISA name is being sunset in order to re-brand our portfolio to use more descriptive names.  The challenge we've had for years is explaining what this product is, does, etc. can now go away since we'll be using names that clearly articulate the technology.  However, I do know that many of us have become fairly fond of our LISA, so much so, that is has become a household name in testing and service virtualization technologies.  Alas, we must bid farewell to our friend LISA and rename her to fit our new goals.  So here we go, the start of the re-branding effort is underway with a few big changes leading up to CA World '16!


New NameFormerly Known As...
CA Service VirtualizationBasically, this is the service virtualization technology plus application test (see next line) forming a complete DevTest solution that you are used to today.  CA Service Virtualization was formerly known as CA LISA, VSE, ITKO, LISA Virtualize
CA Application TestThis is the product that enables you to automate testing.  This functionality is included in CA Service Virtualization as well but can be sold separately as CA Application Test.  This was formerly known as CA LISA, LISA Test, Test Automation.
CA Continuous Application Insight

This product is part of our CA Data Mining solutions. Previously called CA Pathfinder (without a space) and then renamed to CA Path Finder (with a space), this product is now called CA Continuous Application Insight.  Why all the changes, well the future of this product recently expanded significantly from a solution to search the paths between applications to a solution that does much more.  You will see all of these new and exciting features at CA World '16.

CA Data FinderAnother name that we just added a space to - this used to be called CA Datafinder. It's also under the formerly known as CA LISA Data Mining bucket (now CA Data Mining) though I'm not yet sure we plan on changing the name any further as it's pretty descriptive as it is.
CA Cloud TestNo name change here.  CA Cloud Test is a performance testing tool for web and mobile applications enabling companies to test their apps in the cloud and not have to incur large hardware and infrastructure costs.
CA Mobile CloudNo name change here.  CA Mobile Cloud enables you to test your mobile applications in real-world environments.  This is another cloud based platform that can give you access to real mobile smartphones and tables connected to live mobile networks around the world.
CA Release AutomationThis product, although not covered in this community is part of our DevOps and ca Devcenter portfolio at CA Technologies. It's formerly known as CA LISA Release Automation or Nolio.  The community for CA Release Automation is here - CA Release Automation
ca DevcenterThis is not a product, but a grouping or portfolio of tools. ca Devcenter is the portfolio where the products formerly known as LISA reside.
DevTest Solution(s)As the caDevcenter area includes many other products outside of the distributed formerly known as LISA area, we'll be using the term "DevTest" and "DevTest Solutions" to describe the grouping of products listed above (minus CA Release Automation).  For example, in the 8.0 release of the products formerly known as LISA, we will have a dashboard that will be called the "DevTest Dashboard" and you'll see the name "DevTest" used to when more than one product is used in the user interface and/or documentation.  I guess you can say the term "DevTest" will replace the use of "LISA" outside of the product names (example "DevTest Registry", "DevTest Workstation", etc.)


Well that's the naming in a nutshell - bookmark this page now before you have to explain this to others!


There are sure to be other changes prior to our big event in November (CA World 2014).  In the meantime, let's have a little fun with saying 'goodbye' to the LISA name!


It's called "Selfie with LISA"... here's how you can participate:

  1. Find your favorite item that says LISA - it could be the application on your computer, an old CD (if they existed!), an old t-shirt, really, anything.
  2. Take a picture of YOURSELF and the item you chose above. (i.e. a selfie)
  3. Post the picture as a response to this blog in the comments with your "goodbye" message.
  4. If you have a social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+), post your picture and goodbye message there as well.  So that we see it, tag it with #SelfieWithLISA


Here's a pic of Ruston Vickers below as an example.  Thanks for participating and let's have a little fun with this!




NOTE: I updated this post on October 16, 2014 to change the Path Finder name to CA Continuous Application Insight.