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Meet CA Support Manager: Vanessa Nnaji

By Rachel_Macik posted Jun 10, 2015 02:35 PM



Vanessa Nnaji has been with CA technologies for nearly two years as a CA Support Manager in Plano Texas.  Vanessa has a long history of working with High-Tech companies and believes what we're doing at CA is different.


CA Technologies looks for technical skills and soft skills in their support engineers. During the hiring process, Vanessa looks for whether or not the candidates have the aptitude for social interaction. Will they be good on the phone? Will they be good with customers who are in a panic? Will they be able to provide a positive customer experience?


I like the way CA has given each support engineer two managers. One manager will oversee product knowledge and technical training, and a professional manager will help develop their soft skills and professional training.


After every transaction, CA sends out a support survey. The professional managers review every single survey and analyze any comments. Sensitive issues are addressed right away, and cumulative feedback is tracked. Customer feedback is considered for future tools, processes, and even effects plans for employee training.


When customers take the time to give feedback, managers take the time to listen.



In addition to her position at CA, Vanessa enjoys time with her family. Vanessa is also featured in a soon-to-be-released video from the CA Customer Success team. While we were shooting the film in Plano, we learned Vanessa holds the record from her Alma Mater Portland State University in the women's 400 meter - Go Vikings! 


If you are considering a career at CA as a Support Engineer, search our careers page at  Who We Are - CA Technologies


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