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NetApp Insight 2019

By Naem Saafein posted 11-06-2019 03:37 PM


NetApp Insight 2019

It is time for Insight next week, a key event in sharing experiences, knowledge and ideas with customers and peers on the latest in IT technology.

In the Brocade booth, we are looking forward to showcase the latest additions to the Brocade© SAN portfolio and demonstrate how Brocade is enabling customers to realize their digital transformation entering the age of the digital economy.
Let me give you a snapshot of the demonstrations to see in booth #312.

SANnav Management Portal & Global View

SANnav is Brocades next generation management platform designed to empower IT administrators to be more efficient and productive by providing comprehensive visibility into the SAN environment. SANnav Transform information about SAN behavior and performance into actionable insights, allowing SAN administrators to quickly identify, isolate and correct problems before they impact the business. In addition, SANnav accelerate administrative tasks through simplification of workflows and automating redundant steps making it easier for organizations to realize their goal of an autonomous SAN.


SAN Automation

We take you through how you can get started with automating daily repetitive tasks such as inventory, monitoring and provisioning of your SAN. Based on customer examples experience the layered automation model with RESTful API support in FOS, PyFOS library functions and learn how you can integrate your SAN management into workflow automation.
To help you get even better understanding of SAN Automation Chip Copper is handing out signed copies of his latest book “SAN Automation for Dummies”

NVMe over Fibre Channel

We are at the brink of a storage technology evolution with FC-NVME, which significantly improves performance by reducing latency and enabling high levels of parallelism.
A number of AFAs in the market already support FC-NVMe and practically all storage vendors have announced FC-NVMe products to be released this year or coming soon. nvme_pdf-blog.png
The excitement is clear that NVMe delivers faster flash storage, internal in the storage array and for host connectivity. With Brocade Gen 5 & Gen 6 you can run NVMe over Fibre Channel already today, providing the best investment protection for storage networking.
We are demonstrating how you can concurrently run applications respectively on a FC LUN and a NVME namespace (NSID) with the same host and HBA at the same time.
For more information on NVMe over Fibre Channel, Marcus Thordal is handing out signed copies of his latest book “NVMe over Fibre Channel for Dummies, 2nd Edition”

Check your SAN Health

NetApp SAN Health is a free downloadable software utility designed to securely audit and analyze multi-vendor SAN environments. It creates comprehensive views and documentation including performance graphs, detailed spreadsheets and topology diagrams. We will show you how we take the comprehensive output from SAN Health that summarize your SAN environment and highlight any potential areas of risk.

SAN Health