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Clarity Customer Newsletter (Apr. 2024)

By Alf Abuhajleh posted May 14, 2024 03:36 PM


2024 Value Stream Management Summit (On-Demand)
Making Waves: Energize your Digital Transformation with the Power of VSM. In our fourth annual VSM Virtual Summit, Making Waves, we’ll explore how value stream management delivers the right mix of visibility, alignment, and efficiency to guide change in a real world full of twists and turns. Join experts from State Street, Southern Company, Cox Automotive, Forrester, and more to learn how to make waves at your organization by harnessing the power of VSM to optimize digital transformation.

People-Centric Planning with Clarity: Team Investment (Webcast)
Innovation teams focused on delivering customer value boost the bottom line. However, how do you optimize their impact? With people-centric planning, you can shift the funding away from traditional projects and into the teams producing the value. Come learn how businesses have already unleashed their innovation through people-centric planning.

People-Centric Planning with Clarity: Financial Planning (Webcast)
The pains of financial management are often self-inflicted wounds. Organizations create environments and approaches that fail to align project delivery with the financial elements. And then, ironically, they fail to optimize financial performance because of a lack of insight. The solution to that problem requires greater integration between financial management and every other aspect of project delivery. Join us and see how people-centric planning with Clarity brings IT-business alignment.

New Value Stream Management Resource Hub
In today’s rapidly changing business environment, organizations like yours need to become more adaptable and customer-value focused. That’s why we created the Value Stream Management (VSM) Info Hub, a one-stop-shop for thought-leadership content related to VSM and its role in digital transformation. Check it out now.

Using OKRs to Find Business Value (Blog)
Harmonizing portfolio planning or Value Stream Management with key results (OKRs) steers organizations towards holistic coherence and enhanced performance. This powerful combination enables organizations to achieve unparalleled agility, optimize value delivery, enhance customer value, and ensure effective resource allocation. Read the blog by Lance Knight of ValueOps ConnectALL to learn more.