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Configuring the TMC Self-Managed VCD CLI 

Jul 11, 2023 04:48 PM


The TMC Self-Managed VCD solution has a CLI for manual or automated access. The configuration steps may vary from the TMC documentation because they include some VCD specific information. All other CLI commands should be the same.


  • CA used for TMC-SM services - Not required if you used an external certificate authority
  • CA used for VCD - Not required if you used an external certificate authority
  • TMC DNS zone (e.g.; tmc.slz.vcd.local)
  • VCD hostname (e.g.; vcd.local)
  • VCD OIDC Client ID - This can be retrieved from the Cloud Director Provider UI
  • VCD tenant organization name (e.g.; company)
  • VCD API Token - This should be created for a user that has the `tmc:admin` or `tmc:member` role


  1. Browse to the TMC-SM UI directly or through the VCD UI link
  2. Browse to "Automation center" in the lower-left corner of the screen
  3. Download the TMC CLI for your platform
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions, or take the appropriate steps, to make the `tmc` CLI available in your PATH


Configure certificates

You may skip this step if VCD or TMC-SM does not use self-signed certificates.

Follow the appropriate steps for your OS to install the VCD and/or TMC-SM CA to your system. Alternatively, you can specify an environment variable pointing to these certificates.

# mkdir $HOME/tmc-ssl
# cp tmcCA.pem $HOME/tmc-ssl
# cp VCD.pem $HOME/tmc-ssl
# export SSL_CERT_DIR=$HOME/tmc-ssl

The `tmc` CLI will use the `SSL_CERT_DIR` value to load additional trusted certificates when it is executed.

Configure TMC CLI

tmc login --self-managed --vcd --no-configure \
--name tmc-admin \
--vcd-org company \
--vcd-api-token 24ljsajf2j342j4ljsalfjasflj23j4lkasf \
--endpoint tmc.slz.vcd.local:443 \
--vcd-issuer-url https://vcd.local/oidc \
--vcd-oidc-client-id f14f2242-dc18-4d93-a9a9-07c39570e287

This process can be repeated with different names for multiple users or TMC-SM deployments.

# tmc system context list
tmc-admin tmc.slz.vcd.local:443
tmc-member tmc.slz.vcd.local:443
# tmc system context use tmc-admin


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