Script Name Result Code Result Message
check-credentials.xml INFO Operator User Name: bruno.pugliese , Operator Email Address:
check-doc-ackowledgement.xml INFO Operator acknowledges review of Clarity Installation Guide and Change Impact Guide
check-free-disk-space.xml INFO No disk space issues detected.
check-db-version.xml INFO Database version check passed: Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (RTM) - 14.0.1000.169 (X64) Aug 22 2017 17:04:49 Copyright (C) 2017 Microsoft Corporation Enterprise Edition: Core-based Licensing (64-bit) on Windows Server 2016 Standard 10.0 <X64> (Build 14393: ) (Hypervisor)
check-sqlserver-collation.xml INFO No Collation conflict was detected in database.
check-timezones.xml INFO Host and DB Timezone Matched. App Server Timezone is -0400, DB Server Timezone is -0400.
check-db-dwh-sync.xml INFO DWH Databases is in sync with PPM database, and is ready for upgrade.
check-dwh-load-job-success.xml INFO Load Data Warehouse job was run successfully the last time or the job was never run.
check-db-customization.xml INFO No database customizations were detected.
check-system-users.xml INFO No issues were found with system user accounts.
check-lang-locale-setting.xml INFO Admin user has language set to english and locale set to en_US.
check-admin-user-rights.xml INFO Admin user has all sufficient rights to continue upgrade.
check-ppmjasperadmin-user.xml INFO No issues were found with ppmjasperadmin user account.
check-ppmjasperadmin-user-rights.xml INFO ppmjasperadmin user has all sufficient rights to continue upgrade.
check-run-delete-process-instance-job.xml WARNING Run Delete Process Instance job before upgrade to resolve potential performance issues. Please see following Boradcom support KB article for more information:
check-active-processes.xml WARNING Active processes found are listed in file E:\ppm_15.8\install\checkinstall\check-logs\active_processes.txt. Please put those processes on hold before continue.
check-app-version-in-db.xml INFO Latest Version in DB equals to app version:
check-filestore-dir.xml INFO The filestore directory location has been examined for compatibility with the upgrade process.
check-search-dir.xml INFO The searchindex directory location has been examined for compatibility with the upgrade process.
check-seeded-object-name-conflicts.xml INFO No Object Codes conflicts detected.
check-multiple-plan-of-records.xml INFO No Investments with invalid Plan of Records were detected.
check-matrix-invalid-rows.xml INFO No invalid matrix detected.
PAS_BIT_CHECK.xml INFO 64-bit system verified.
PAS_MEM_CHECK.xml INFO No memory limitation detected.
PREUPGRADE_CMN_CAPTIONS_NLS.xml INFO Out of memory problems are not anticipated during language upgrade.